Supporters and Partners

Advisory Board

Purposeful Design has an extremely helpful Advisory Board comprised of approximately a dozen successful business leaders with a range of experience including presidents, CFO, investors, business owners, marketing executives and IT professionals.

Staff and Volunteers

The Purposeful Design team includes wood working experts, production experts, product designers, finance experts, web designers, CAD experts, sales and marketing wizards, entrepreneurs, electricians and many more! Thank you, Lord, and the people of God!


A couple gave Purposeful Design a 61-item list of woodworking tools and equipment, valued at nearly $9000. The best brand names, all nearly new, and just what we needed plus more. Others have given money to purchase equipment and supplies. Thank you, Lord, and thanks to His generous people!

A leading national hardwood company, MacBeath Hardwood, offered to provide what it classifies as unusable wood (but which is entirely usable by Purposeful Design) to Purposeful Design at a special price – a major breakthrough for Purposeful Design. Thank you, Lord, and MacBeath Hardwood!

College Park Church provided an ideal facility for conducting Purposeful Design operations and ministry. The facility previously housed a vibrant church body in the near-east side of Indianapolis – the very neighborhood in which Purposeful Design wished to be located. When the church occupying the building was offered a new, bigger facility, the old became available and College Park Church kindly made it available to Purposeful Design. Thank you, Lord, and College Park Church!

We at Purposeful Design consider ourselves the most blessed and we are learning that God is good!

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