Meet the Men

Justin Christian

Justin came on as Purposeful Design’s production manager in February of 2016. Justin is married and has three boys ages 2,8, and 12. When Justin is not leading Purposeful Design, he likes to kayak, hunt, and shoot with his three boys. The biggest difference in Justin’s life now is that he is much happier at work. Justin daily encourages the men and leads them in Bible Study which means he is in the Word daily. Justin also enjoys his responsibility for ensuring that only quality furniture goes out the door.

Jesse Slaugh

Jesse started at Purposeful Design in November of 2015. Jesse is married and has a son who is almost 2 years old. Jesse and his family like to spend time outdoors- hiking, fishing and camping. Jesse loves his job and loves working with his hands. Jesse’s favorite time of the day is prayer time and points out that in many jobs you do not get the chance to pray or talk about Jesus. Jesse enjoys the people he works with: “we are a small tight knit family and we are open with each other”.

Vince Hicks

Vince has worked at Purposeful Design since March of 2015. Vince is married and has three kids ages- 10, 8, and 5. Vince grew up on the east side of Indianapolis and he attended the church that is now our workshop. The biggest difference in Vince’s life today is that he is open to God’s direction in his life and now finds his identity in Christ. Since Vince has given his life over to Christ, God has blessed his family. Vince likes working at Purposeful Design because he can be open and honest about what he is struggling with. He can be who he is in Christ and not have to worry about holding his tongue about Jesus! Vince is our lead finisher at Purposeful Design.

Russell Phillips

Russell has been with Purposeful Design since December of 2014. He has two daughters and is originally from Mississippi. Outside of work, Russell enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time with his family. He also has a passion for golf and loves to play when he can find the time. Over the past couple of years, Russell says having God in his life has been a big part of his personal growth. He says he likes working at Purposeful Design because he is able to work with wood and improve his woodworking skills. A large portion of his time at Purposeful Design is spent working on tables and they have become his speciality amongst the PD team.

Chris Curtis

Chris has been working at Purposeful Design since August of 2017. He has a 17 year old son and is originally from the west side of Indianapolis. After grade school, Chris moved to Greenwood. In his free time, Chris enjoys playing card games with his son and friends. He also enjoys painting miniature ships, especially the ships included in the Star Wars Miniatures game. Since coming to Purposeful Design, the biggest difference in Chris’s life is his focus on living a Christ centered life. He has been focusing on God’s word and keeping within God’s will. Chris likes working at Purposeful Design because he enjoys working hard and working with wood because “there is just something peaceful about it”. He likes seeing the transformation of raw wood to finished product. Chris’s years of construction experience have allowed him to hit the ground running at Purposeful Design.

Zach McClintock

Zach started at Purposeful Design in August of 2017. Zach is a lifelong Indiana resident, growing up on the southside of Indianapolis. Zach currently lives near the Fountain Square neighborhood. When Zach is not at work, he enjoys reading, playing the guitar, and refining his woodworking skills. Over the past year, Zach says he’s narrowed his focus on specific goals and feels a greater sense of urgency to accomplish them. He likes working at Purposeful Design because there’s a sense of community and everyone is genuine.