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Purdue Provides Workforce Training for Purposeful Design




Purposeful Design had the privilege of hosting Eva Haviarova and Logan Wells from Purdue University. Eva is an associate professor of Wood Products Engineering and Furniture Strength Design in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University. Logan is a graduate student at Purdue University working with Dr. Rado Gazo on automated hardwood lumber grading research.

As part of Purposeful Design’s Workforce Training Series, Eva and Logan provided training to PD’s Craftsmen in a presentation titled  “Lumber Quality and Properties of Wood”. Their presentation included in depth training and conversations on the following curriculum:

  1. Physical Properties of Wood – overview and their effects on products.
  2. Assessment of Lumber Quality – overview of commonly used grades for furniture manufacturing.
  3. Hands on Grading – learn to identify defects and recognize grades of common lumber.

Purposeful Design would like to thank Eva and Logan for providing outstanding training to the PD Craftsmen!


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